Jamlite specializes in Point of Sale and Business Management solutions that allow businesses to capture all data points of business operations.

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Jamaica's #1 Point of Sale and Business Management Software


Easy to use Payroll Processing Software

BPO Services

Embark on an exceptional journey with our team of Jamaica’s finest care agents

Table Side Ordering App

Mobile Sales and Delivery POS


Who Needs BMS?


From restaurants, to hotels, gaming and casinos, Dine-In or Take-Out. Jamlite BMS is built to serve in many variations of the hospitality Industry.

Grocery & Convenience

Discover and Utilize sale modules, supermarkets, grocery corner stores, mini marts and convenience stores.


Whether you need a small footprint setup or a multi rep full service BMS, we have solutions to keep your retail business running smoothly.


To empower businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions that streamline operations, maximise productivity, and foster sustainable growth


Through continuous innovation, user-centric design, and reliable support, we are committed to simplifying complex processes, providing unparalleled value, and fostering long-term partnerships

Trusted by 100s of local businesses, brands and organizations of all sizes

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a reliable partner for our clients.


In order to achieve our vision of Full Service Point of Sale and Business Management, we have partnered with a number of like-minded organizations. Some of the organizations in our growing pool or partners include. Management Control System (MCS), GiftMe and DispatchLogistics.

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